Coyo Mexican Food & Tequila Bar is a Mexican restaurant and bar in downtown Oslo, serving authentic Mexican food and tequila. Coyo is the perfect place to start an evening out on the town.

Coyo is located on the popular Sørenga – the hot spot to spend summer days in downtown Oslo. Our goal is to serve you the best Mexican food in town. The atmosphere is social and vibrant – perfect for early evenings with friends and colleagues. 

Experience Coyo today – the authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Oslo. 

Coyo - Menu - Molcajetes

Mexican restaurant and bar at Sørenga

Coyo is the perfect place to start the evening before you go out on the town. Eat dinner in our restaurant or have a few drinks in our bar, either way, you will get a true taste of Mexico. Our restaurant seats 250 people indoors, and during the summertime, we have room for an additional 200 people in our outdoor seating. 

Off course, we serve authentic tequila at the bar but also a variety of other refreshing and exotic drinks. Stop by for a closer look at our bar menu. We are sure you’ll find something to your liking!

Authentic Mexican menu

We are proud to serve what might be Oslos best Mexican food in our restaurant. The menu is both full of flavour and choices, providing excellent options for every palette. We serve classic Mexican dishes such as Ceviche, Tostada, Flauta, Taquito, and Quesadilla. The food is prepared by our Mexican star chef Christian Lopez. 

The menu consists mostly of smaller dishes – perfect for sharing or tasting several dishes in one serving. Sharing food gives you the perfect social setting for a meal with friends, not to mention the opportunity to taste the different flavours of Mexico. 

In addition, we have a few specialities on the menu: 

  • Barbacoa Sharing: Marinated and slow-cooked lamb with guajillo, and ancho chilli. Served with tortillas, lime, coriander, onion, black beans and salsa verde.
  • Puerco Noche Buena: Sweet and sour pulled pork, ancho chilli, chipotle, onion, and coriander. Served with grilled pineapple, tortillas, beans and salsa verde.
  • Molcajetes: A traditional and rustic dish served in a hot molcajete made of lava stone. Served with corn tortillas. Choose between 5 flavours. 

These dishes are perfect to share between two people. All tortilla is made in our Mexican restaurant. 

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Have a private party at Coyo

Are you looking for a place to host your next birthday party or dinner? Why not go Mexican. We are happy to arrange a party for you and your friends in our Mexican restaurant, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary or work-related events, such as after work or kickoffs. 

We can accommodate 250 guests indoors all year round, and during the summer, our capacity increases by 200 seats in our outdoor seating. Feel free to send us a message and we will adapt both the menu and seating to your wishes and needs. 

Book a table today

Visit our Mexican restaurant in downtown Oslo today. We are open every weekday from 16.00 to 22.00 pm, 13.00 to 22.00 pm on Saturdays, and 16.00 to 21.00 pm on Sundays. We guarantee you Mexican food and atmosphere at its best!

Drop by for a drink at our bar or book a table if you are a group of people who want to eat. Reservations can be made bu using the booking form below. 

We look forward to seeing you at Coyo – your favourite Mexican restaurant in Oslo!